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Support for the future & beyond

Successfully completing the Polaris program will be one of your teen’s most memorable life accomplishments. With help from our staff and the support of loved ones, your son or daughter will learn coping skills to help them thrive in everyday situations. Completing residency at our residential program is the first measure in a series of proven, systematic steps. They are designed to ease transition back into home, school, and work environments.

Our comprehensive, tailored, and therapeutic approach supports family healing throughout the entire program and beyond. All patients (and families) will receive a individualized aftercare plan with follow up support after treatment is completed.

The success of our aftercare program depends on the support of our experienced residential staff, the support of our dedicated network of professionals, guardian & adult participation, and other key factors. This ensures your teen:

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Improves School Performance

School is an integral part of your teen’s life. Our goal is to prevent negative influences from affecting the tremendous progress your child has made while at Polaris.

Improves Behavior At Home

Along with school performance, proper family dynamics are a key to the success of the adolescent mental health aftercare program.

Maintains Life Coping Skills

Sometimes, the tasks and challenges considered routine by adults are overwhelming to teens. We’ll provide support so that the coping skills learned at Polaris are applied once your child has left our adolescent treatment center. To support success following the time at the Polaris adolescent mental health facility, your teen is continuously assessed by the clinical team during residential treatment in order to design the most beneficial aftercare plan possible.

To help ensure that your teen is successful in the ongoing recovery process, Polaris Teen Center’s network of therapists, psychiatrists, coaches, outpatient programs, and recovery support groups works to ensure that what has been learned and discovered while at Polaris is applied to daily life.

Family Involvement is Key

Family involvement is essential to the success of our aftercare program. In fact, research has shown that these three family or home-related elements that contribute to the success of a teen residential treatment aftercare program:

1. The extent of family involvement in the treatment process before discharge.

2. The stability of the family environment after discharge (home, school, community).

3. The availability of aftercare support for the child or youth and their families.

Following treatment, Polaris welcomes former clients and family members to continue their involvement through participation in alumni and family events, workshops, and 12 step meetings. We provide continued follow-up support with our alumni and family members through phone calls and email. To learn more about our aftercare program, or to get in touch with our admissions team, reach out and click the “contact us” button below.


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