Polaris Teen Center is one of the foremost teen rehabs in Los Angeles, treating a number of ailments including substance abuse and addiction.

Signs that you need services at Polaris’ teen rehabs in Los Angeles for substance abuse: your teen has operated a vehicle while intoxicated or high. Driving while intoxicated puts the teen and those around them at serious risk.

Another factor concerning need for assistance is if a doctor has confided that the teen has health problems caused by drug/alcohol use. There can be irreparable damage to organs, including brain damage and general pressure put on the body. Further, substance abuse can cause other serious issues such as psychosis, and intravenous drug use puts the user at risk for diseases such as HIV, AIDS and hepatitis C. These are all serious signals from the body that you need the services of teen rehabs in Los Angeles.


The teen may experience withdrawal symptoms if they don’t use their substance of choice. These symptoms include headaches, nausea, paranoia, vomiting, or convulsions that can set in within hours without substance use. Through giving in to the painful withdrawals, the sickness is increased, and a vicious circle is perpetuated.

Another signal that you may need teen rehabs in Los Angeles is if your teen has been incarcerated for being under the influence or for violence connected to use or possession of a controlled substance. Being on parole or probation fall under this category.

If your teen has inflicted harm onto themselves while intoxicated or has attempted suicide you are in need of teen rehabs in Los Angeles. Especially considering this, a rehab center can save your teen’s life.

Losing a job or being kicked out of school are signs that your teen needs teen rehabs in Los Angeles. These are problems that may have built up over time or an incident may have incited a change in one of these arenas. School and a job are integral to any person let alone a teen, and being cast out from either of these can greatly affect not just their self-esteem, but will allow for idleness. Further, this can isolate them from their peers and other positive influencers.

If your teen has attempted to quit a substance without result, they are in need of assistance against a serious danger far greater than themselves.

If your teen has lied about their substance abuse, they may need teen rehabs in Los Angeles. Addiction is fraught with guilt, lies, shame and concealment. They may be trying to hide their addiction or the negative consequences of their substance reliance.

Addiction is a disease, a medical disorder that can be effectively treated through teen rehabs in Los Angeles. Save your teen’s life now.

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