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by Polaris Teen Center | Sep 12, 2015 | Resources, Treatment

When to Seek Help

If your teen is struggling with a possible addiction, it can be tough to know where to turn for help. As a parent, you might feel conflicted on which “next step” is the best step. Is their behavior putting them in danger of serious addiction? Or is this something you can deal with as a family? Keep in mind that addiction can quickly spiral out of control, especially for vulnerable teens and adolescents. What you might try to dismiss as “a one-time thing” or “a teen just acting like a teen” might actually be signs of a serious addiction. It can be difficult for parents to make the decision as to whether or not their teen truly needs serious attention.

Does My Teen Need Rehab?

Polaris is the premier residential treatment center parents turn to when their child is in need of rehabilitation. Here are some tips from Polaris’ experts on when to seek help for your teen’s addiction or mental health issues:

  • Your teen shows little interest in their “normal life” and begins to shrug off all responsibilities at home and at school.
  • Drug or alcohol paraphernalia has been found hidden in the teen’s room on more than one occasion.
  • In the case of drug addiction, opiates, sedatives, and or other prescription drugs have been disappearing from the family medicine cabinets or drawers.
  • A decrease in concern over physical appearance or personal hygiene.
  • Your teen exhibits unexplained mood changes, becoming either more aggressive, hostile, withdrawn or irritable.
  • Your teen lacks energy or seems depressed. Doesn’t show excitement for their favorite activities.
  • A sudden shift in their group of friends. Your teen begins hanging out with all new friends and doesn’t associate with their old peers. The new friends seem to exhibit the same concerning behavior as your teen does.
  • The teen shows little interest in family activities and frequently isolates in his or her room, not wanting to spend any time with the family.
  • Teen engaging in harmful activities or self-harming.
  • Notable change in physical appearance, whether it is rapid weight loss, weight gain or a lack of concern over their looks.
  • Noticeable changes in sleep patterns: either skipping out on sleep or excessively sleeping.
  • Teen gets extremely defensive and secretive when asked about their plans or their whereabouts and appears to be hiding things.

If you have recognized many of these issues with your teen, there is likely a serious problem going on –either with an addiction or possible mental health issue. As these issues progress, your teen may begin to spiral out of control and the addiction can be much harder to get a handle on and the consequences of their actions are much more severe.


Teenage Residential Treatment Centers Los Angeles

If you need professional help dealing with teenage substance abuse, read more about our program. Polaris works specifically with teens and adolescents, helping guide them through their addiction and find the right path to health and sobriety. If you are seeking help with your teen’s addiction or mental health issues, Polaris has the clinically trained team that parents trust to help their teen cope with a wide variety of issues, from addiction to depression to self-harm. Find comprehensive treatment in a safe, nurturing environment. If you’re looking for the absolute best in adolescent mental health care, Polaris is here to help. For more information on Polaris Teen Center, call 1-844-836-0222 or contact us here.

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Polaris Teen Center is a residential treatment facility for teens and adolescents suffering from severe mental health disorders. Our highly accredited facility is fully licensed and certified in Trauma Informed Care and is a part of the Behavioral Health Association of Providers (formerly AATA).